Housewarming for new R&D Center

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Housewarming for new R&D Center

· Sep 26, 2022
Housewarming for new

Last June 8th, Xi 'an Huamei Soft Co., Ltd. ushered in the relocation and opening ceremony of Asia-Pacific R&D center! Ma Rui, general manager of the company, Xie Jingna, Director of operations, Yuan Zhengguang, Director of consulting, Yang Dengchao, Chief technology Officer, and Zhao Jifeng, director of research and development center attended the ceremony.

Rui mentioned in her speech that the relocation of the Asia Pacific R&D Center is another important milestone in the entrepreneurial development of Huamei Soft in the past 15 years. It not only expands the office area, the number of people of the R&D center and solves the development space of the team, but also lays a solid foundation and guarantee for the commitment of the R&D center to adhere to "constantly innovative solutions, technologically advanced projects, and all-round services". The R&D center is close to its headquarters, which facilitates the cooperation and communication between teams. The center is located in Xi 'an Software Park, and its services cover the Asia-Pacific region. Xi 'an's unique scientific and technological talents and innovative competitiveness also provide a strong support for the further development and growth of the team.

At the ceremony, Director Jifeng Zhao thanked the company for its continuous recruitment and investment in technical force, and said that the R&D team will continue to maintain the leading reputation and reputation of commercial digital solutionsunder his leadership, and we are confident to serve more customers and attract more talents to join us!