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Stock. Inventory. Merchandise. No matter what you call it, this solution adds advanced capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics 365 so you can identify sticky situations early, fix them fast, and delight your customers.

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Unlock Your Competitive Edge with Dynamics 365
Unleash Supply Chain and Retail Insights

Sunrise 365® Supply Chain and Retail, a best practice solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 based on nearly 30 years of implementations and analysis that augments planning, inventory, and logistic processes. Dynamics 365 can already handle the global complexities of your industry like a pro, but when deployed with Sunrise 365®, you get the added bonus of advanced forecast netting, omni-channel inventory optimization, soft allocation, and embedded supply chain business intelligence. These tools let you spot issues in the supply chain early, so you can resolve them before they materialize.


Plan and purchase more efficiently with less worry about excess inventory.


Analyze supply and demand risks to confidently convert inventory to cash.


Fulfill orders quickly, simply, and efficiently.


Enhance overall efficiency by integrating Dynamics 365 with Sunrise365® to optimize supply chain operations.

What you get


Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the forecast tool of your choice to aid in the MRP process. Our solution also supports bulk order pre-season demand that serves as a bridge between channel-level forecasts and the actual customer orders.


Quick inventory turnover requires flawless operational execution. The automated order release process ensures this expectation is met with configurable order prioritization and release criteria based on order completion percentages and ship date windows.


Combat shortages, missed delivery dates, late supply post-season overages with a bird’s eye view of your supply chain. Built-in dashboards and powerful soft allocation features help you gain early insight into common supply chain challenges days, weeks, and even months in advance.

What you get

Integrate with the third party forecasting tool of your choice. Sunrise 365® enhances the base MRP and forecast planning functions with Advanced Forecast Netting. You can consider seasonal and channel-specific requirements to prevent overstating demand, resulting in greater fulfillment capability and less excess inventory.

It's typical for an organization's customers to provide bulk order quantities that represent their planned purchases throughout a season. Sunrise 365® Supply Chain includes Bulk Order Management functionality that allows for simple bulk order creation, maintenance, and consumption.

Easily split distribution of goods from a single purchase order across business units, channels, or locations. Sunrise365®® Aggregate Purchase Orders allow yearly or seasonal purchases to be managed centrally, and later allocate and split out inbound supply closer to the corresponding demand date.

Master planning in Dynamics 365 is already pretty awesome – and it’s even better with Sunrise365®. Planners can traverse the product hierarchy in the Master Planning Workbench, while filtering by vendor, planner, and product attributes to more easily identify products that require attention.

Soft Allocation, coupled with the Planning Workbench, helps you optimize supply and distribution by pegging open supply to open demand with configurable prioritization rules. The included visuals and reporting enable proactive and efficient management of the supply chain.


Manage complex retail store replenishment without deploying expensive third party tools. Sunrise365®® Retail Replenishment can help you maintain the correct inventory levels within each store location for optimal sales revenue and reduced inventory inefficiencies.

Mitigate the potential impact of risk to inventory, customers, and cash flow by evaluating the reliability of demand and supply sources. Assign risk profiles to customers, vendors, and products to monitor exposure points. You can optionally apply these risk profiles to soft allocation analysis too.

Sunrise365® Automated Order Release alleviates manual fulfillment decisions when demand exceeds supply to help process shipments as quickly as possible. Open orders are considered against configurable prioritization and threshold settings to most efficiently satisfy customer fulfillment requirements.

⊙ Complete Business Insights with Integrated Data Analytics

Sunrise365® seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure services such as HDInsight, Stream Analytics, SQL Data Warehouse, Event Hub, Power BI, and Cognitive Services. These tools offer powerful business intelligence capabilities and enable the development of intelligent applications, accelerating smart manufacturing implementation.

⊙ Sandbox and App Life cycle Management: Perfectly Adapt to Business Changes

Sunrise365® Supply Chain Management: Sandbox Environment and Application Life cycle Management (LCS) for Easy Development, Testing, Deployment, and Updates with No Business Impact.

⊙ Unlimited Technical Support: Safeguarding Your Business

Cloud-based Sunrise365® Supply Chain Management: Unlimited Expert Support and Continuous Software Updates at No Extra Cost.

⊙ Integrated Productivity Tools: Efficient Business Communication

Sunrise365®: Seamless integration for efficient supply chain management and collaboration with Office 365. Boost productivity with real-time data sharing among employees and suppliers.

⊙ Integrating CRM for Comprehensive Business Connectivity

CRM and ERP redefined based on a unified Common Data Model (CDM), bridging the digital gap between front-end and back-end operations, enabling 'sales-driven production' and 'inventory-driven promotions'.

Supply Chains Are Our Sweet Spot

Huamei Soft optimizes brand supply chain and retail solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and years of consulting experience, taking multi-product, multi-channel, and global market operations to a new level.

Supply Chains Are Our Sweet Spot


Soft Allocation

Soft Allocation

What's the status of your demand based on the supply to which it is pegged? Identify unmet, late, and critically late issues to resolve quickly.

Projected Inventory

Projected Inventory

What SKUs will have excess inventory or shortages? Take the guesswork out of the equations and improve your ability to project inventory levels.

In-Process Sales

In-Process Sales

Are items moving efficiently through your distribution centers? Eliminate manual reporting and see real-time order status information in just minutes.

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