Microsoft Dynamics 365 for
Finance and Operations

Streamline your everyday financials and operations with Dynamics 365 that helps you collaborate effectively, optimize business tasks, and drive growth.


Improve financial controls, accelerate cash flow, and improve forecasting accuracy


Improve profitability, exceed customer expectations, and optimize across channels


Delight customers in store, and online, with exceptional shopping experiences

One platform integrates financials
with supply chain and commerce operations

One platform integrates financials
with supply chain and commerce operations

With financial process automation, planning, analysis, and control — integrated with operations in real time — you can run your business more efficiently. Easily meet local and regional business requirements with support across 37 countries and 42 languages out of the box.


When you have one version of the truth where everything is connected, it is easier to spot issues and imbalances between supply and demand. With Dynamics 365 you can proactively address these problems before they materialize.


To keep pace with increasing consumer expectations, retailers are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce to deliver personalized, differentiated, friction-free shopping experiences. Without any duplication of information or gaps in customer history, it puts everything you need on one platform.

What Microsoft Dynamics 365 can do for your business

Break down data silos with Dynamics 365—intelligent business applications that go beyond traditional ERP systems. Bring together data and relationships, build intelligence into your decision-making, and achieve better results with this comprehensive collection of end-to-end cloud applications.

  • Dynamics 365 Finance

    Maximize financial visibility and profitability. 

    ●    An end-to-end financial management solution that includes reporting, budgeting, account payments, and receivables management functions, helping businesses streamline data and processes to enhance efficiency and profitability. 

    ●    Streamline production planning, warehousing logistics, and supplier relationships for improved efficiency and cost reduction.

  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

    Build a resilient, sustainable supply chain. Adapt quickly and operate sustainably with a predictive supply chain. 

    ●    performing production and distribution planning, in a matter of minutes. Resolve demand and supply imbalances. By enhancing visibility of the supply chain and inventory in real time, ensure business continuity. 

    ●    By performing proactive maintenance using IOT and Mixed Reality.Improve workforce safety and efficiency. 

    ●    Unifies data from multiple sources in real time to detect opportunities,increase competitive advantage,and overcome adversity.

  • Dynamics 365 Project Operations

    Empower your teams to win more contracts, optimize resource utilization, accelerate project delivery, and get business insights from sales to project financials.

  • Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

    Turn order fulfillment into a competitive advantage,Meet your growing digital commerce needs and scale easily while supporting the latest fulfillment methods. 

    ●    Intelligent Order Management connects data from disparate and often siloed sources, bringing agility into the supply chains of retail, distribution, and manufacturing businesses. 

    ●    Prefabricated connectors enable fast shipping and convenient returns, while an intelligent fulfillment optimization engine reduces costs and improves order fulfillment efficiency.

  • Dynamics 365 Commerce

    On a unified  platform for customers and partners, respond to customer needs in various interactive activities, and build lasting customer relationships. 

    ●    streamline business operations, and personalize customer experience on an intelligent, secure, and scalable platform.

Dynamics 365 Finance

Dynamics 365 Finance

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

Dynamics 365 Commerce

Dynamics 365 Commerce

Mircosoft Dynamics 365 ERP System Functionality

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

⊙ Organization Administration⊙ Budgeting
⊙ General Ledger⊙ Consolidations
⊙ Cash and Bank Management⊙ Cost Management
⊙ Accounts Payable⊙ Fixed Assets
⊙ Accounts Receivable⊙ Expense Management
⊙ Accounting⊙ Tax
⊙ Credit and Collections⊙ Audit Workbench

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain with Sunrise 365 Embedded Allocation Power BI Report

⊙Product Management⊙ Fleet Management
⊙ Inventory Management⊙ Transportation Management
⊙ Procurement and Sourcing⊙ Master Planning
⊙ Production Control⊙Vendor Portal
⊙ Warehouse Management

Dynamics 365 Commerce In-Store Cloud POS

⊙ Retail Point of Sale (POS)⊙Mobile Solutions
⊙ Store Operations⊙ Social Integration
⊙ Order Management⊙ Pricing and Promotions
⊙ Commerce Runtime Engine⊙ Loyalty Programs
⊙ Call Center⊙ Connected Store
⊙ Catalog Management⊙ eCommerce

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent 

⊙ Talent Administration⊙Competencies
⊙Employee Self Service⊙Compensation
⊙ Payroll⊙ Benefits
⊙Onboarding and Offboarding⊙ Leave & Absence
⊙ Performance Management⊙ Learning
⊙ Time & Attendance

Features and benefits of Dynamics 365 ERP

With an end-to-end view of your business, clearly-defined ERP systems Contribute to project success and enhance profitability

The real-time visibility of ERP systems improves decision-making, helps identify issues before they occur, and increases overall productivity.

By bringing together data from a variety of different sources, ERP systems help you improve operational procedures. With a 360-degree view of your business processes, you’ll be able to respond quickly to changes in requirements or regulations, keeping all systems in compliance across the globe.

  • Optimized operations

    Gain greater control over disconnected areas of your business through the automation, task prioritization, and data integration of ERP systems.

  • Aligned teams

    Increase business productivity, enable the flow of data between departments, and encourage collaboration by breaking down data silos.

  • Unified data

    Eliminate duplication, reduce errors, and boost data accuracy by maintaining a centralized repository for data from all departments.

  • Improved decision-making

    Make predictive insights and data-driven decisions with real-time information about your organization.

  • Reduced costs

    Reduce mistakes and uncover issues before they happen—insight across the business increases efficiency and reduces costs overall.

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