Power your automotive manufacturing with Dynamics 365

The automotive spare parts manufacturing industry is undergoing a digital revolution. Companies are embracing digital transformation to boost productivity, streamline supply chains, and gain a competitive edge. This shift towards digitization, intelligence, and sustainability is shaping the industry's future.

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Accelerate success with cloud-based ERP + CRM for automotive manufacturing

  • Data Integration and Management

    Centralized monitoring and real-time analysis of internal enterprise data for comprehensive insights into production, supply chain, sales, and more.

  • Data Analytics and AI

    Enhancing Decision-Making with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.


Ⓞ Digitalization and Collaboration in the Supply Chain

• Digitalization of the Supply Chain:Leveraging IoT, sensors, and RFID for real-time monitoring and visualized management, improving supply-demand collaboration and swift customer response.

• Supplier and Customer Collaboration Platform:Establish collaborative platform for shared information, enhanced transparency, reduced lead times, and improved supply chain efficiency and agility.

Ⓞ Experience & Service

Enhance customer experience and service with digital tools and internet technology. Implement a customer relationship management system for personalized support and increased satisfaction.

Ⓞ Security and Privacy

Emphasize security and privacy through appropriate measures and encryption techniques to safeguard critical data, intellectual property, and prevent data breaches and cyber attacks.

Comprehensive digital transformation

Auto parts industry needs digital transformation for improved efficiency, supply chain management, product quality, and competitiveness.

Intelligent manufacturing & Automation

Apply advanced manufacturing technologies such as robots, automated production lines, and 3D printing to enhance product quality and delivery speed.

Data-driven decision making

Apply big data analytics and AI to optimize production planning, forecast market demand, and boost productivity.

End-to-end collaboration

Build a collaborative platform for supply chain information sharing, enhancing transparency, responsiveness, and efficiency.

The Key Features of the Solution

Efficient organization

Establish an efficient organization through proactive planning, parallel work, and increased productivity. Improve customer satisfaction by clarifying roles, enhancing competency, and aligning with strategic goals.

Streamline marketing and sales process

Integrate all business processes from sales activities to customer service, ensuring efficient workflows and superior customer satisfaction.

Business collaboration

The company improves its abilities in product recommendation, pre-sales, sales, delivery management, and customer management to meet demands and speed up order delivery. This promotes better teamwork and achieves excellent performance.

Efficient Marketing Support Platform

Simplified version: Enterprise builds a platform for shared resources, standardized operations, streamlined processes, intelligent analytics, and unified operations. It improves sales efficiency and management quality through visual progress, controlled processes, and traceable data.

The Key Features of the Solution

Digitization of Marketing, Platformization of Management

• Building a Digitized Marketing Platform to Achieve Platform-based Support and Specialized Operational Mode.

• Streamlining Pre-sales and In-sales Marketing Language for Efficient Sales Project Operations.

• Building a Convenient and Highly Functional Mobile Application Platform.

1. Publicization of Customer Resource Management.

• Simplify and unify customer resource management to achieve public ownership and association.

• Achieve differentiated sales strategies to meet diverse customer needs.

• Develop a customer credit management system for assessing and granting credit to clients.

2.LTC process management automation.

• LTC integrates sales operations for improved efficiency and transparency.

• Streamline order fulfillment process for better control and visibility.

• Optimize warehouse management for better efficiency and inventory control.

3.Market Business Management Digitization

• Simplified translation: Digitized management for market business, enhancing competitiveness and expanding market share.

• Simplified translation: Develop a platform for frontline marketing operations to enhance operational capabilities.

• Simplify translation: Develop marketing system, strengthen plans, manage and analyze marketing activities.

4.Intelligent Data Insights and Analysis

• Develop a game-changing data platform for leaders to make killer decisions and dominate the market. Harnessing comprehensive sales data, gain a competitive edge and skyrocket your success.

• Real-time analysis of LTC sales data, timely alerts and processing to ensure efficient business follow-up and handling.

Choosing Huamei, Your first step towards success.

Huamei Soft is your trusted partner for digital solutions in the automotive spare parts manufacturing industry, enabling businesses to achieve digital transformation. Choose Huamei Soft for a successful future.

Choosing Huamei, Your first step towards success.

Solution architecture

Solution architecture

Solution architecture

Business process diagram

Business process diagram

Market management process diagram

Market management process diagram

Sales management process diagram

Sales management process diagram

Delivery management process diagram

Delivery management process diagram

Functional architecture

Functional architecture

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