Transforming Production, Distribution, and Operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Focusing on overcoming challenges related to product quality, sales processes, and multi-channel data is a central priority for your food and drinks brands.

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Food & Drinks

The food and drinks industry solution, based on Dynamics 365 cloud platform, optimizes production, distribution, and operations, enabling digital transformation and enhancing competitiveness.

By integrating financial, supply chain, and other business functions, collaboration has improved, data redundancy and errors have reduced, and business processes have become more visible and responsive.

Real-time data analysis enables businesses to gain instant insights, make quick decisions, and enhance operational efficiency.

Supply chain visibility and traceability enhance management, logistics efficiency, and meet food industry requirements.

The solution automates order processing, inventory management, and procurement replenishment, minimizing errors, boosting efficiency, and optimizing the workflow.

Challenges of the Industry

Challenges of quality traceability

Difficulty in quickly tracing product source and original production information when facing quality issues.

Storage condition challenges

Food and drinks storage requires strict monitoring to meet shelf life requirements.

Diverse customer customization needs

Customized sales process for diverse customers.

Multi-channel data obstacles

Multi-channel data poses challenges in communication, management, and tracking, leading to issues like unauthorized sales and inefficient decision-making.

Challenges of the Industry
⊙ Simplify

Detailed record product information for accurate inventory traceability.

⊙ Batch control

Product batch tracking to support product recall, quality management, and traceability.

⊙ Inventory levels

Real-time monitoring of inventory levels to avoid stockouts or buildup.

⊙ Purchase behavior & demand tracking

Tracking customer data for personalized service.

⊙ Order management

Simplify order management for easy order placement, order modifications, and order tracking for different customer groups.

⊙ Pricing strategy

Differentiate pricing strategies based on customer types and historical purchase data to maximize sales and profits.

⊙ Real-time sales data and reports

Provide instant access to sales data for timely strategic decision-making.

⊙ Sales forecasting

Generate sales forecasts based on data and trends for inventory and production planning.

⊙ Sales performance analysis

Track sales team performance, identify high-performance factors, improve sales strategies and efficiency.

⊙ Traceability

Record origin for tracking affected products.

⊙ Quality testing

Regular quality testing to meet food safety standards and customer expectations.

⊙ Compliance monitoring

Ensure product compliance to avoid legal issues.

⊙ Logistics tracking

Real-time logistics monitoring for accurate delivery updates.

⊙ Route planning

Optimize logistics routes to reduce transportation time and costs.

⊙ Transportation management

Streamline transportation management, including vehicle and driver coordination, to ensure timely delivery.

⊙ Distribution scheduling

Intelligent scheduling and dispatching of distribution tasks to maximize efficiency.

⊙ Production planning

Optimize production plans for efficient resource utilization.

⊙ Process control

Monitor process parameters for stable product quality

⊙ Equipment management

Track and maintain production equipment for smooth operation of the production line.

⊙ Quality management

Streamline quality control measures to ensure compliance with standards in product production.

⊙ Raw material procurement needs

Generate raw material procurement needs for a smooth supply chain.

⊙ Supplier selection

Select suppliers based on price, quality, and reliability.

⊙ Procurement process

Manage procurement process, including order generation, supplier communication, and delivery tracking.

⊙ Data interoperability

Streamline data interoperability across systems and channels to prevent data isolation.

⊙ Centralized data management

Centralize data management for sales, inventory, logistics, and other purposes.

⊙ Data analysis & reporting

Offer data analysis tools for smart decision-making, sales trend discovery, and operational improvement.

⊙ Integration&collaboration

Enhance efficiency and visibility with an integrated platform.

⊙ Real-time data&analytics

This solution analyzes real-time sales, inventory, and procurement data for immediate operational adjustments.

⊙ Supply chain visibility and traceability

Supply chain visibility and traceability improve management and logistics while meeting industry requirements.

⊙ Automation&process optimization

This solution automates order processing, inventory management, and purchase replenishment, improving efficiency and reducing errors.

⊙ Scalability&customization

The system is scalable and customizable to meet evolving business needs and requirements.

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