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Huamei Soft utilizes Microsoft Dynamics 365 to streamline manufacturing and execution solutions for the fine chemicals industry. It improves production efficiency, quality control, and traceability while enhancing industry safety and coordination. This enables businesses to achieve continuous, accurate, and safe production, establishing a strong foundation for long-term development.

Production standardization

Operational control precision

Efficient dispatch and scheduling

Data tracing and deep analysis

Industry Challenges

Streamlined process flow and diverse reactions

Complex fine chemical production processes increase the risk of human errors.

Challenges in quality control & regulation

Manual quality control with strict intermediate process control and low automation levels leads to quality fluctuations and instability.

Safety risk management

Clear operational guidelines are essential for ensuring safety in fine chemical production.

Traceability & data analysis

Establishing a data platform for monitoring and improving the production process is crucial for traceability and control.

Industry Challenges
⊙ Production process management

Establish a standard library, define and name process routes and operation actions uniformly, enable reuse and recording of operation actions, and improve the standardization and traceability of the production process.

⊙ Simplify control dimension definition and management for operations

Control operational actions based on safety, quality, and technology requirements. Use scanning methods to track and manage real-time status, improving accuracy.

⊙ Distribution management

Translate and assign tasks based on production plans, previous shift's completion status, and current shift's personnel and roles. Record operation steps and action status for retrieval and reassignment, ensuring a consistently efficient production process.

⊙ Recording and analyzing data

Create a systematic data recording and analysis platform for traceability and improved production process monitoring, analysis, and quality control.

⊙ Optimization of production planning and scheduling

Develop an efficient production planning and scheduling system that maximizes resource utilization and improves production efficiency, ensuring a continuous and safe production process.

⊙ Improve production efficiency

Enhance production efficiency through process standardization and automation.

⊙ Enhance quality control

Ensure product quality by implementing strict operational control and maintaining accurate data records.

⊙ Enhance security

Enhance production process safety: standardize operations, implement strict controls, and reduce accidents.

⊙ Enhance coordination & scheduling capabilities

Enhance coordination and production scheduling for improved efficiency and resource utilization.

⊙ Achieve traceability and analysis

Achieve traceability and improve production through data analysis.

Huamei Soft, Your trusted digital transformation partner

Ensuring continuous, accurate, and safe production!

Huamei Soft, Your trusted digital transformation partner

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