China Financial Localization(CFL)
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To what extent can multinational corporations achieve agile and efficient financial localization in China, ensuring compliance and collaboration?

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  • China Financial Localization (CFL) is an integrated solution within Dynamics 365 F&O that assists multinational corporations in meeting the legal requirements imposed by local authorities in China. While also facilitating collaboration with their headquarters’ finance department. It provides a specialized workspace tailored for local staff working across multiple legal entities, catering to a variety of needs. CFL enables a faster and more cost-effective deployment in China. With its agile and robust implementation, it empowers your company to make more predictive decisions from anywhere, in real-time.

Huamei 365® Golden Tax Integration Solution

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⊙ Huamei 365® Golden Tax Integration Solution

Integrate Golden Tax for streamlined VAT compliance in China with/for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O

All businesses in operation are mandated to utilize a government-certified tax software in China, known as the Golden Tax software. This software is essential for generating VAT invoices, performing VAT calculations, and conducting statutory tax reporting. As per Chinese government policies, all VAT invoices must be issued through the Golden Tax system. Huamei 365® Golden Tax Integration Solution offers a seamless integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O and the Golden Tax software system. This integration with the Golden Tax system simplifies the process of generating VAT invoices against documents produced by Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Solutions tailored to your needs

⊙ Chinese voucher system enhancement

Companies operating in mainland China are required to adhere to the Chinese GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), irrespective of whether their headquarters follow HGB (Handelsgesetzbuch), IAS (International Accounting Standards), or IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

Bank integration

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⊙ Huamei 365® E-Bank Integration Solution

Streamline China Financial Operations with Huamei 365 ® E-Bank Integration

Revolutionize your China financial operations with Huamei 365 E-Bank Integration, a cutting-edge solution that bridges the gap between your Dynamics 365 F&O system and banking systems. Designed to meet the evolving demands of modern enterprises, this powerful platform extends the Dynamics 365 F&O accounts payable and banking modules, primarily implementing common functions such as vendor payments, process queries, and statement imports to streamline fund management, and drive operational efficiency.

Workspace for routine process
⊙ Daily reports

The reports utilized on a daily basis primarily consist of the “Balance Sheet”, “Profit & Loss Statement” and the “Cash Flow Statement.” Additionally, there are legally mandated reports such as the “Fixed Asset & Depreciation Report”, “Foreign Currency Statement” and “Bank Accounts Balance Report”. Depending on specific scenarios, other customized reports may also be generated.

⊙ Fixed asset management

Under Chinese GAAP, the official principle governing fixed asset depreciation significantly differs. It concurrently manages the depreciation methods, depreciation year, and scrap value for both subsidiaries and headquarters.

Workspace for routine process
⊙ Workspace for routine process

In addition to merely translating labels or layouts into Chinese, our team of expert consultants possesses a deep understanding of Chinese culture and local management methodologies. We modify Dynamics 365 F&O modules and offer pertinent training to bridge the gap between international standards and the traditions and cultural nuances of local employees and business partners.

Comprehensive Compliance

Simplifies compliance with Chinese regulations, including GAAP, Golden Tax, and fixed asset management.

Efficient Banking Integration

Streamlines financial operations, automates transactions, and ensures security and compliance.

Cultural Adaptation

Blends international standards with local expertise, fostering effective collaboration and understanding.

Industry Challenges

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting the evolving and stringent local regulatory requirements in China is a significant challenge for CFL, demanding continuous adaptation and expertise.

Coordination Across Entities

Ensuring seamless collaboration between various legal entities within multinational corporations can be complex, requiring effective communication and financial synchronization.

Real-time Decision-Making

Achieving agile and real-time decision-making across different locations and financial functions poses a challenge, necessitating streamlined processes and technology solutions.

Cost Efficiency

Striking a balance between the need for financial localization and cost-effectiveness can be a constant challenge, as companies aim to optimize their operations in China.

Industry Challenges

Huamei soft provides a professional China Financial Localization solution

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Huamei soft provides a professional China Financial Localization solution

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