Moving towards a digital future | Warmly celebrates the official launch of Fast Group's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project!

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Moving towards a digital future | Warmly celebrates the official launch of Fast Group's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project!

· Dec 29, 2023
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On December 26, 2023, Fastert Group's digital Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project was officially launched. During the project launch review meeting, important instructions were given by Mr. Lu Chengzhang, Vice General Manager of Fastert Group, Mr. Xu Liang, General Manager of Sales Division, and Mr. Lei Bo, Director of Information Management Headquarters. They highly recognized and praised the achievements made in the implementation of this project.


Scene of the project launch

With the rapid growth and expansion of Fast Group's sales business, the existing systems were no longer able to meet the company's needs. The launch of this CRM system further promotes the deep application of integrated marketing within the company.

The CRM system is a core component of Fast Group's "Five Clouds" plan, aiming to comprehensively optimize five major areas: production cloud, sales and service cloud, research and development cloud, financial cloud, and office cloud. The project covers end-to-end management of three major business domains: market management, sales management, and customer management.

By introducing an efficient CRM platform, Fast has achieved optimization and improvement in overall sales operations. It has established a multidimensional customer information system centered around customers, effectively managed key customers, and formed a closed-loop business process driven by workflows and tools. By creating a visual and responsive integrated collaboration platform that is executable and transparent, it has significantly improved management levels and customer satisfaction, while enhancing the collaborative efficiency of the sales team. This marks Fast Group's entry into a new digital journey.

640.jpegScene of the project launch

The implementation team of Huamei Soft project has demonstrated efficient collaboration throughout various stages, including solution deployment, development, implementation, and training. They have actively addressed challenges and difficulties such as adjusting business processes and integrating multiple systems. Through close teamwork, they have ensured the successful launch of the CRM project.


Project achievements and benefits

By integrating with IDM, MDM, ERP, WMS, finance, portals, and other business systems, the project has achieved unified management of enterprise customer, sales, inventory, production, delivery, logistics, and financial activities. This integration has facilitated information sharing between platforms and streamlined business processes, ensuring the accurate, timely, authentic, and complete transmission of sales information. As a result, the efficiency of departments such as sales, production, logistics, and finance has been significantly improved.

Currently, the development and launch of core modules such as customer management, market management, sales management, and collaborative delivery management have been successfully completed. This has enabled efficient collaboration, information sharing, and fine-grained management of business processes.

Customer management domain:

  • Building a customer-centric unified management system to achieve the publicization, standardization, and assetization of customer resources.

  • Customer profiling and segmentation to implement different sales and interaction strategies for different customers, enabling customized strategies for each enterprise and each product.

  • Establishing a customer credit management system to comprehensively assess and grant credit to customers, effectively avoiding credit risk and safeguarding the economic security of the enterprise.

Sales management domain:

  • Integration of the entire sales process for LTC, achieving standardized, streamlined, automated, and transparent management of business operations.

  • Seamless integration of the order/production/delivery/invoicing/collection process, enabling visibility of delivery progress, process control, and traceability of data.

Market management domain:

  • Implement systematic and digitalized management for market operations, enhancing market competitiveness and expanding market share.

  • Develop a frontline marketing operations platform to provide comprehensive support to the market and improve frontline operational capabilities.

  • Establish a marketing system, strengthen management, monitoring, and analysis of marketing plans and activities.

Intelligent cockpit:

  • Establish an intelligent data insight and analysis platform, providing insights and analysis on multiple business dimensions for pre-sales and in-sales, assisting market leaders in decision-making and improving market share.

  • Conduct data insight and analysis throughout the entire sales process of LTC, real-time monitoring of business dynamics, timely and effective alerts and warnings for abnormalities, ensuring timely follow-up and handling of business matters.


Promoting project implementation through professionalism

Winning customer praise through exceptional service

During the launch of the CRM project, the Huamei Soft team received high praise from the leaders and colleagues at Fast for their exceptional service and professional project implementation capabilities.

Vice General Manager of Fast, Mr. Lu Chengzhang, gave instructions, commending Huamei Soft for their rigorous and efficient project implementation methodology, which not only ensured the smooth launch of the CRM system but also provided valuable reference for other IT projects in Fast. He expressed hopes for continued collaboration in the future, expanding and deepening exchanges and cooperation in the field of digitalization, and exploring future development opportunities and challenges.

Mr. Xu Liang, General Manager of Fast Sales Division, stated that the implementation of the CRM system has significantly improved data analysis efficiency at Fast. He looks forward to providing more support to the Huamei Soft project team, enabling the CRM system to better serve the business and enhance the company's brand competitiveness.

Mr. Lei Bo, Director of IT Management at Fast Headquarters, emphasized that the more than ten-fold improvement in marketing and sales data analysis efficiency was made possible by the early efforts and dedication of the Huamei Soft team. The efficient platform support focused on empowering sales, enabling us to be more flexible in understanding and responding to market demands, and formulating precise marketing strategies.

Ms. Ma Rui, General Manager of Huamei Soft, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the trust and support from Fast's leaders and business departments, and congratulations to both project teams. The official launch of the CRM project marks the beginning of the next milestone. Huamei Soft will continue to provide excellent service and support, prioritizing customer needs and satisfaction, and adhering to the service philosophy of customer-centricity and excellence to continuously enhance the customer experience and ensure customer success.

In the future, Huamei Soft will keep up with the trends in technology and use cutting-edge technologies such as AI to tailor more digital solutions for Fast, further supporting its digital transformation journey and driving Fast's rapid progress on the path of high-quality development.


Scene of the project launch

As a provider of digital transformation services, Huamei Soft always stays at the forefront of the industry, committed to delivering cutting-edge digital solutions for businesses. The close collaboration with Fast in this project fully showcases Huamei Soft's excellent service and professional delivery capabilities in the automotive spare parts manufacturing sector.

In the future, Huamei Soft will continue to deepen its presence in various industries, constantly exploring new paths for digital transformation, empowering businesses in their digital journey and driving business growth. Our goal is to help customers achieve greater commercial value.

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Shaanxi Fast Automotive Transmission Group Co., Ltd, founded in 1968, is a leading company in the gear industry in China. It has more than 10 subsidiary and affiliated companies, including a wholly-owned factory in Thailand and a distribution company in the United States. With an annual sales revenue exceeding 10 billion RMB, it is the only gear company in China that has achieved such a high sales volume.

The company has been honored with titles such as "National Civilized Unit," "National May 1st Labor Award Certificate," and "Top 10 Typical State-Owned Enterprises in China." Its various business indicators have consistently ranked first in the Chinese gear industry for fifteen consecutive years. The annual production and sales volume of heavy-duty automotive transmissions has remained the world's number one for twelve consecutive years.